Sunday, 19 April 2015

sunday style

The last couple of weeks have certainly been rich in emotion and a LOT of energy. I constantly feel exhausted at the end of every evening which leads to an amazing nights sleep - which obviously I can't explain. I'm used to lying awake until the early hours creating memory lists of everything I need to do, only to wake with a guilty lie-in the next morning and feel constantly behind.
Every day has started early, shower, porridge, washing/chores and sitting down to do uni work by 12. Then usually ending the day with an evening shift at my new workplace where I'm trying my hardest not to eat on every shift - Mexican food every day before summer is a no no... Unfortunately, I've been neglecting my fruit and veg and wearing make up most days my skin has been slowly disliking me.

So now, Sunday is here and with a new week ahead I have pampered myself silly and read a tonne of magazines, catching up on the latest Rihanna goss and Coachella catch-up. The weather's been gorgeous so I headed to town to treat myself with some MAC and not-so MAC goodies... a drink at a local wine bar and a huge curry I'm not even sorry for!

Feeling refreshed and my head re-screwed on I will treat my body like a temple, eating only what it should have e.g. no more easter eggs at 11pm and more smoothies, sun and fitness. A catch-up of politics is needed, I feel ridiculously left out with current events, as my friend constantly tells me off for not having the BBC app. I am in the process of renewing my CV for future employment, fingers crossed for the summer !! and feeling hopeful of all the things I have set to do on my list of 100 things to do!

On my next post which is set to go out Saturday, I'll be summing up the best of Coachella, 70s chic by Miss Kendall Jenner, why we seriously missed Vanessa Hudgens, as well as the hairstyles that will set us up for summer 2015!

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