Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Mom, I'm wearing your jeans

Writing in what feels like forever feels like an achievement. I have suffered a mind blank. Around mid summer I passed into an empty mind field where my brain only managed programme for pattern cutting, Illustrator and Photoshop, which left little room for spare creativity. Thinking about my poor neglected blog on the busy commute into work this morning, ideas began firing through my brain. Jotting them urgently into my phone like a crazed Angry Birds fan, so I wouldn’t suffer another episode of no brain for days, I am ready to blog once more!

For some time the reference to Mom jeans has been noted amongst Pandora’s column, praising their comfort and versatility. Hunting down my own Mom jeans is a different, difficult story when as some might call my ‘petite frame’ is not so averagely or real size petite. My thighs are a 10, calves a 6, and waist a non-existent 25½”. Before sourcing my own I imagined jean queens, Gigi Hadid or Cara Delevingne and cringed imagining my half sized pins slipping into too long, baggy styles. Nevertheless, one that doesn’t try will never know.
Like most successful shopping trips of mine I buy when completely unplanned and mostly unfinanced (the student loan does wonders). I found my perfect Mom jeans from Topshop’s non-petite range in dark denim, an affordable £36 with student discount, a 26” waist and 30” leg did me dandy. The fit hugs my stomach comfortably so that I can breath but look to tuck it in when I’ve eaten too much. Legs are elongated by the tapered shape and turning up from my ankle and partnered with pointed flats works your legs a dream. I do however suffer pancake bum syndrome, which, I had to explain to my boyfriend is when my derriere is almost non-existent so resembles a flat pancake. This only a minor set-back when the ultimate turnout is ideal dressed down with trainers or pumps or jazzed up for an evening with mid heel laced court shoes, my favourite Aquazurra - totally out of budget but waiting for the high street heroes. Wear with cropped jumpers and leather jacket or dare to do 90s double denim.

I’ve gotten to the point I’m worried my office will not think I own anything else, the intern that had her suitcase stolen and all she was wearing was her Mom jeans. Try them and see, your legs will breathe a sigh of relief as they slip into something so comfortable but yet so stylish. We thank you Mom.

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