Friday, 19 September 2014


Moving day - 

   So I am officially moved in !

Newcastle being known for the coldest place on earth had let the sun out to a comfortable 15 degrees for an easy move into my flat, despite managing the packed lift to my floor filled with other stressed out parents, moaning siblings and neglected moving boxes. My room was set up within an hour and I felt as good as being home. Being treated to my last (good) dinner from my family, I slumped back to my flat afterwards where I was to be released into the world of independence and bad cooking.

Freshers - 

    I had been told we would have 'fresher reps' which are a god sent if you are lucky enough to have them. But we missed out, so flats in our building never mixed and we didn't know the good, bad and cheap places of the town, resulting in quite a quiet, but expensive and unsociable freshers. Luckily! my flat are all friendly and we are all very similar, making it easy to get along and go out as and when we all wanted where we met  other students.

In the first week I had an introductory lecture for my course where I was determined to talk to the girls I was next to and luckily found they were more than happy to talk to me. Being freshers, everyone wants to be friends with anyone, so whether I turned up looking like Rihanna's twin or a sloth I would have had the same response. 
    A week in now I feel settled, happy and perhaps ready to brave the supermarkets with my new found allowance (woo) (purely for food purposes), stay tuned for my goss and excitement of the adventures (hardly adventures) I encountered.

Whoever it is, be friends with everyone, never burn your bridges, you never know who surprises you. 
Whether you're crying inside, don't give up, its only the first week, if you get home sick talk to your tutor or if you have a student union.
When your in your room, leave the door open. This helped me a lot. It makes you appear friendly to your flat mates who are equally as nervous as you are. 
Most of all HAVE FUN but eat fruit and take vitamins on the regular or you'll end up with those dreaded words. Freshers flu.

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