Thursday, 19 February 2015

camping in february..(post cont)

the last time I spoke to you I was preparing myself for the surprises that lay ahead. And as much as I love a surprise there is nothing worse then not knowing what to dress for whether your heels are too dressy, coat too casual, dress too formal AND men have no idea..
   Having left everything until last minute I was rushing around putting the finishing touches together for my gift, ending up curling eyelashes whilst dragging a mattress onto the floor (not like curling ones eyelashes isn't difficult enough) and wrapping presents on the last square of floor left on show.

   Much to my surprise and delight, for dinner we revisited the Miller and Carter Steakhouse where we originally ventured on my birthday over Christmas. Another great visit with friendly, helpful staff and delicious food! This time we went all out. My boyfriend ordered champagne, I indulged in a fruity cocktail, we ate steak and larger-than-life burgers and I left feeling horrifically full.
I wore - Black polo neck - Topshop & Pleated skirt - MissGuided
First for everything - Very own DKNY and All Saints plain V neck top 

On the return home I dismissed my barely-there sandals for flats I had stowed in my clutch and simply limped back (the price we girls pay)... grateful to find my camp was still intact and all I had to do was flick on the lights and hit the playlist button and we were ago. My boyfriend was overwhelmed with the transformation of one rather dingy uni room (it did look pretty cool if I'm honest) and how I stole his favourite DVD and downloaded our favourite song of the moment for the unveiling- Salted Wound by Sia - from the 50 Shades of Grey album - its a masterpiece.

- If you too have parents or landlords moaning you can't have candles in your room because it will set off the fire alarms try my fail-safe method of jars!
    I've tried out each jar safely by sitting nearby while the tea light has been lit and the jar has never burnt, smoked or melted. Simply wash and peel off labels, £1 tea lights from IKEA and you're ago!

- For the camp I hung scraps of materials - lace, netting, silks I had lying around (you could get for cheap from charity shops), draped my sheets over chairs and the mop! and printed photos and hung from the ceiling on sewing thread. 45 photos cost me £2 from FreePrints (a hidden website gem) so now there's no excuse not to set up your own albums as it was done in the 90s.

   We enjoyed two nights in the camp until sadly I had to do some work and couldn't function in my room at all, and so the camp came down. Yet,the photos have remained, as even though they wisp my face every time I pass, its nice seeing our memories suspended in front of me.

Stage 1 of Fashion Trend work complete, I'm so happy with the outcomes of my two trend packages. They have been so interesting and exciting to complete and although the colour mixing drove me slightly crazy I have picked up a new skill. Next, the design process!

One more day until the weekend, hold tight!

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