Monday, 16 February 2015

week 2 February

for the first time in a week I am enjoying sitting in my white fluffy bed with oversized Homies jumper, falling-apart joggers and hair swished in a higher than life bun to do nothing. ABSOLUTELY nothing. 

   Every day this week has been the same - Wake up regretting staying up so late, porridge with 15 minutes allocated TV time to Loose Women, following a day spent glued to my desk painting colour chips (which are so much harder then you would believe) and making fabric samples for my trend module, sketching as research for a new collection for another module, whilst planning my Valentines weekend and 2 year anniversary with my boyfriend. 
Happy to say I have completed everything, as well as going to cheer training or a run each evening. 

The weather held out for my trip around Newcastle on Tuesday while I snapped some photos for my magazine module, as Fifty Shades convinced and left me on a cliff hanger Friday and 24 roses landed in my room Saturday night - here's what I wore ...
TUESDAY - Shopping for gifts - 
Top - Primark
Shorts and Fur - Topshop
FRIDAY - Cinema - 
Coat -  Dorothy Perkins
Top - Miss Guided
SATURDAY - Dinner -
Top and Jacket - Topshop
Skirt - Miss Guided 
Shoes - New Look 
Scarf  - H&M
 Today is our anniversary and my boyfriend is whisking me off for dinner at 7 and I too have a surprise up my sleeve for the master of surprises... (all will be posted later in the week)

Now I'm not a Tumblr girl but love some of the images on there and in the week whilst doing the usual Pinterest roaming I stumbled across this Gorgeous page: If you can't do anything today but scroll, click here :

Happy Monday!

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