Sunday, 7 June 2015

slow down sundays visiting The Canteen

With Sunday finally here and Summer showing its face for the first time, we are all feeling hopeful and happy about the current time.
Whether you're off on holiday or sticking around to earn some pennies this Summer, a Sunday is a day we all need time to relax, so book it off work, sneak out to the garden and put your feet up - Sundays are for sharing and sipping (champs or cider - whichever you prefer).

Last week I jet off to London to enjoy Graduate Fashion Week, where the students really pulled out all the stops for another year of showing what our fashion leaders of the future have to say.
Hannah Wallace of Manchester University won the George Gold Award with her menswear 'Pluto Close' collection. A mix of space meets snow holiday. Think bubble wrap jackets and balaclavas - in total it was amazing. She was featured on Vogue, cheered on by social star, Susie Bubble and pictured on the day with Gok Wan.
See it in on her Instagram - @hwallae.hunte

Most of this week I have been slowly rolling back into work, catching up with all things Kardashian - and getting horribly addicted to the new series The Affair (if you haven't seen it already, DO, its on catch up), and hitting the shops (of course).  

Today I visited a great place local to me named, The Canteen. 
A visit 5 years ago feels like a thousand by how far this 3 story boutique cafe has come. Like most cities now, the huge chains cast a shade on those smaller, with weekly deals that have us scratching at our desks to leave for a Buy One Get One Free pizza deal. The Canteen serves fresh wraps, salads and baguettes, alongside their interesting array of smoothies all made to order. 
You immediately feel comfortable by the friendly staff that greet you in the entrance, small wooden tables with egg-like chairs spacing the three floors. Green plants mask the walls and eccentric paintings are arranged along the walls. 

The rooms are light and airy when we arrive despite the intense Sunday heat, with huge windows reaching the ceiling from the floor. We have our order taken with a waitress who follows us up the winding staircase with our food as we sip on our refreshing smoothies. The atmosphere is relaxed, as we are allowed to sit in peace with no complications or bother with not an inch of hipster music in site. I loved this place and would recomend it to anyone. 
The cue was out the door so I guess the word is out but opening soon is the option to buy 'Canteen Favourites', so a local or not, the future of food is just a click away -
The Canteen, Canterbury -

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