Monday, 13 October 2014

made in chelsea mondays

HURRAY my life is back to normal, Made in Chelsea is back!

   now at 9oclock if I go out I can still pre drink watching MIC in the corner of my eye.
The adverts are always so dramatic. Louise now has her New York lover in Chelsea, surprise ex boyf Andy is back and getting jealous. Lucy is as per, stirring the pot whilst squinting and rolling eyes of hate to everyone and anyone.

Surprise, Alex is trying to win Binky back with his over hair sprayed quiff. And Jamie is angry at his 'mate' Proudlock for getting with ex ex ex ex ex girlfriend, squints. (Lucy)
   I have discovered every episode you are bound to see:
- Two people who hate each other randomly meet in a park or side street (what are the odds?)
- Someone moaning and drinking tea in a living room
- A huge party, where the music is low and awkward dancing is a regular
- Spencer is chasing after another girl

   However, as set up as it is, I love it. And can't stop being addicted and girl crushing on Louise ...her clothes and hair are just too dreamy
 London Fashion Week 
 Now tell me that ombre isn't done to perfection.
    Made In Chelsea is back tonight - E4 at 9pm 

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