Sunday, 5 October 2014

sunday catch up

morning all ,
   This weeks been pretty packed, every day starts half asleep at 9 and finishes half asleep at 4, consists of a different night on the toon (town) or movie in bed - Thursday was Gatsby, which ranks high on my favourite films evvver, which I watched eating popcorn with my corn intolerant friend.. she will never learn

Saturday I took to cheer try outs - 1 of 60 potential cheerleaders.We had to show a bit of stunting where I haven't roly-poly'd since I was 9, also trying out handstands into crab and experimental cartwheels (aced that). Then because I'm short I became the flyer, which I loooved.
I became lifted into the air by my feet, stabilised by two shaking hands gripped to my thighs and told to smile and lock my body. They said I looked good (I'm going with that)
Then we had to demonstrate our flexibility. Left, right and box splits, pike jumps, crab (again). For some reason my body tried to resemble an elastic band that day because I was surprised by my achievements and haven't been able to do it since.
Then it took to the dance. Half an hour of practising a routine which made my arms, head and legs move in completely opposite directions to different beats. Then finally...
   after the 4 hour day, 10 were picked for the stunt team  and 4 specially picked for the dance team........and, I got in!
   Wednesday was not a happy day for my body, aching from my neck down to my toes. But YAY

Today's Sunday and I'm popping into town for some food bits and a sneaky peak in the shops I can't afford -
 Jumper - Primark
Coat - Zara kids
Bag - Longchamp 
 Leggings - H&M
Shoes - River Island

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