Friday, 7 November 2014

hectic days

at last I have one hour to just blog !

   Last week I had a reading week which I read as being 'do nothing week' but no. I had a million things to do and every time I sat down to blog the thousands of things I had set ready to write I found another thing to do. But finallllly things have gone back to 'normal'.
One of my recent projects has been a shop report on Burberry which looks at their layouts, merchandising, store stock and website. I can safely say I am now Burberry obsessed. Here's a few cheeky previews of my work for you -

Currently sat in my halls kitchen listening to David Guetta classics with a bun higher up on my head then you could shake a stick at, my fluffy leopard dressing gown and rabbit slippers, I can't imagine I'll be going out within the next hour, but that is uni life.

   I'll probably wear my new Topshop purchase (bad student example-did not need) (but very much wanted) A top/dress in the most beautiful crepe fabric, of course in my favourite colour, which I pretty much wear every day with jeans/leggings/tights and at night with heels
   Last Friday I wore it all day and decided to wear it to a Halloween house party with no plan to go out afterwards so wore ballet flats... SUCH a bad decision for a dwarf like me. We then decided to go out on the busiest night in Newcastle everrrr and I felt so short all night but I could bounce up and down like a maniac when 'Shake it Off' by Swifty came on... every cloud..

 Top - Topshop 
Jeans - Warehouse 
Necklace - H&M
 Cardigan - Warehouse
  Totally obsessed with roll necks and camel coloured everything right now, next week I'll do a style post on how to's and where to go,

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