Saturday, 17 January 2015

saturday catch up

you may have noticed a slight change in my little blog as I have finally completed my blogs makeover! most bloggers will do this in their first days of setting up but I'm at last happy with the layout/graphics and even added a photo....

   So, I'm back in Newc and have since then learnt from scratch Photoshop and produced 8 portfolio sheets for two deadlines on Monday and Wednesday. In earlier posts I showed you a sneak peak of my Design and Illustration work in progress where I chose Burberry as my iconic brand to review and create a mini 3 piece collection with your own style. The project was really exciting and has made me slightly Burberry obsessed (not that my purse can compensate) sorry for the blurry images but here's a tiny look at my project -

Photos right and left are a compilation of my research, like, sketching garments, creating colour stories and shop reports.
Centre photo is a tiny collection of my 50+ illustrations I made to identify my approach for the brand.
   Unfortunately I don't have my final 3 looks to show you as its all handed in now! 

But until Monday I plan on doing very little. Take yesterday - I didn't get out of bed until 12, didn't shower until 2 (hair still wet in a turban until 6pm) and only left the house at 11.30 for a night out with the girls to celebrate end of exams! In the end I left the tanner and hair down for another night due to hideous weather and stuck with a safer option...

Top and Trousers - Topshop
Blazer - River Island
Clutch - Primark
Heels - Ebay
(Right) with my gorg flat mates

Rather then spending my days off lounging in bed with Dinner Date in the background whilst browsing the All Saints new collection (which I have actually done today - the collections to-die-for) I went on a Pizza Express/Taken 3 date night with my lovely boyfriend. (On your next trip you need to try the Pollo Pesto. A mixture of cheeses, chicken and pesto pasta (what could be better)). To brave the vile weather I wore..
Roll Neck  and Boots - Topshop
Coat - Ebay
Scarf - Market 

A trip to town - Necklace - H&M  - Rings - Pandora
Jacket, Jeans and Shoes - Topshop
Top - Warehouse
Scarf - Charity Shop

Keep updated with my next post as I keep you sane this Jan with a How To: save your hair from the windy days .. every girls struggle.
Have a great weekend!

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