Saturday, 31 January 2015

hair resolved

So February 2015 is almost here and this week has been busy at Uni having being introduced to our new modules. I'm really excited to start our 'Brand and Message' module where we have to produce a magazine on anything we like, creating most of the imagery ourselves which is really exciting so lots of location trips in planning. Before Christmas in 'Design Realisation' we made a toille of a shirt which we designed, illustrated and made which I am happy to say I have now finished! I am so happy to see the back of the embellishment machine, that thing drove me in circles (literally).
Jumper - Primark
Dress - Topshop sale
Shoes - River Island

Now just to cut out the rest of those tedious circles and design the photo shoot!
In other modules we are creating two collections for 2016. Here is my current work situation - 

Safe to say fashion students will do a lot for each other - here's my friend who were both crying with laughter at as I smothered her in her own hair and her false eye lashes became jammed together. 

+ Onto HAIR  - 

Probably like yours my hair never wants to play when I want it to, especially during windy, rainy and Northern blizzard days. So here is my easy resolutions : 
   I'm a big fan of hair up so do a lot of ponytails as it's a quick and easy thing anyone can do. 
1 )  For longer hair with less layers - Scrape your hair using a tail comb, gel and hairspray to minimise any fly-aways and tie hair tightly in a high ponytail so the top of the ponytail shows over your head. Tighten and back comb gently(no pulled through a bush lookalikes)
To Backcomb - Lift a thin group of hair that covers the width of your fingers and pull up to the ceiling. Using a thin tail comb insert it half way through the underside of the hair and push firmly down to the root to form a tight clump -  this will give the most volume - Continue where needed and smooth with a flat brush.

2 )  If you have a bit more time - Curl ends of hair before. I like to use my straighteners but wands and curlers are just as effective.
To Curl with Straighteners- Brush hair thoroughly before. Hold a thin group of hair horizontally away from you. Clip your straighteners half way up your hair and slowly begin to turn away from you so the hair loops around the heated plates. When you almost reach the end keep the straighteners closed and pull them vertically standing so the hair pops out hopefully in a beautiful curl! (Don't worry if you dont achieve it the first time, it takes practise.)
Add a cute bow for added glam -  
3 )  For shorter hair go Made in Chelsea - Divide your hair down the middle giving you a sweeet 70s parting. Using a tail comb the hair down into a low ponytail. Back comb hair to the hair band to create volume in the ponytail.
4 )  If you're not a fan of hair up go for a half up half down which can look seriously good on girlies with shorter hair, add a bow or curl for added glam - Same as ponytail but divide hair into top and bottom section using a tail comb. Start at your ears and part hair up to half way up your head. Back comb to add volume or smooth for an Ariana Grande-esk look. 
5 )  For a Kourtney K top-knot (which I love to go to makeup-less to the gym, a job interview or for a neat night out look)  Same steps as (1). Then, hold all of ponytail and twist into a unicorn horn, hairspray and hold tight as you tie hair around ponytail. Tie with a hair band or use pins. Wiggle hair roughly around to form a shape you like and hair spray. (This can still take me a long time sometimes so does take practise - straight out of a shower silky hair isn't great for this look as it doesn't always want to sit in place)
- Add a front fringe, plait your ponytail before twisting or french plait sides for added style -
There, hair resolved. Have a great weekend and helloo February

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