Tuesday, 30 December 2014

getting things done

   with one day to go the countdown to the last hours of 2014 begin...
unfortunately I'll be working until late so no big plans except for a champaign filled night snuggled under our new bear rug watching cheesy New Years countdown programmes and reflecting on 2014.

New Years resolutions are beginning to take action. - However, thinking of resolutions is usually as hard as sticking to them so if you're lost for ideas, think about your wants from the year, what you've told yourself off for, ways in which will make you happier, places you want to visit, people you want to see... Write everything down and finalise your top 4-6 - don't be afraid to challenge yourself. This year I succeeded in visiting the Angel of the North and not dying my hair once!

Mine so far are to :
    - Stop biting my nails and picking off fresh nail vanish (Its simply a waste)
    - Try and succeed velcro hair rollers 
    - Regularly jog and squat
    - Team regular exercise with a better diet (Cut down on biscuits)
    - Stay motivated and positive about everything in my life
    - See Edinburgh!  

Here's a few easy ways to keep up with your plans:
    Screenshot your notes on your phone/tablet and make it your background
    Go crazy with Post-it notes to remind you not to take another biscuit from the jar
    Make notes on a Blackboard and check them off at the end
    Get arty on a canvas and make your plans permanent
    Download apps to remind you
    Even telling family or friends will encourage you as they notice everything, including your                 midnight snacking

Good luck with all your plans and make sure you keep focused on getting things done, have a happy new year bloggers and keep updated in 2015!

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